Castrol Hyspin™ HVI 46 D (previously called Vario HDX) is a high performance machine tool lubricant, developed to conform to the HLP-D (detergent) classification for hydraulic fluids.


  • HLP-D fluid containing detergency additive.
  • Very high viscosity index.
  • Contains lubricity additives.
  • Maintains cleanliness and give reliable hydraulic action in fine tolerance systems.
  • Suitable for a wide range of hydraulic applications and giving consistent operation over wide temperature ranges.
  • Overcomes stick/slip, giving judder-free operation of machine tool slideways.

Castrol Hyspin HVI 46 D also incorporates lubricity additives to give smooth slideway motion on the combined hydraulic and slideway lubrication systems of some grinding and gear cutting machine tools. Castrol HLP-D fluids contain detergency additives which maintain dirt and oil oxidation products in suspension, preventing them from settling out and forming deposits which could impair the free operation of valves, leading to erratic system operation. Machine tool manufacturer's are increasingly specifying HLP-D fluids such as Hyspin HVI 46 D, having recognised their advantages in increased system reliability.

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